Windcross Conservancy

The Spanish Mustang is as tough as they come.

They've had to be. They've been hunted, crossed-bred and killed to the pointed of extinction. Today a genetic ark exists in Buffalo Gap, South Dakota. Reach out and touch time. A piece of history walks the prairie.

Who we are

We’re a charity organization that wants to do great things for the community.

Once there were many, now there are few. Windcross Conservancy's mission is to preserve and protect the endangered Spanish Mustang. Founded in 2008 we are a South Dakota 501c3. Join us in celebrating America's Heritage Horses. The first Mustang. We aren’t fancy, neither are our horses. They are as tough as they come. They’ve had to be. They have been cross-bred, killed and canned to the point of extinction. We see the preserve at Windcross as a last stand, an ark if you will, for some of the finest and rarest remaining genetics within the breed. Gathered from foundation breeders who saw the Windcross mission, these horses represent a page of the past. A hoofprint of the first one hundred horses ever documented of the breed.

So if you are looking for a bus ride around for a few hours, well we can give you directions to a nice place down the road a piece. If you want an experience of a lifetime. A literal walk in time, amongst the first horse of North America, then we are your place. You will get your hands dirty, you will smell the horses. Thats what you will get from us.

We are not a federally-funded organization

Our funding has been from the beginning, people working together to preserve America's Heritage Horse, the Spanish Mustang.

​Winner. 7th consecutive yr.
2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, ​2013, 2012 

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