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Spanish Mustang Preservation

Extinction is forever. Join us for an afternoon. Visit, stay or volunteer your time. Sponsor a horse and become part of something special.
Locally, nationally and internationally, Windcross is a goal advocate for the Spanish Mustang. Our mission is to preserve the best genetics of the breed we can for future generations.
Become a member of the Living Legends Club and see what you can do to be a part of the building of the future of Windcross Conservancy.

Visit the home of Windcross Conservancy and experience the front lines of a critical battle to save America’s Heritage Horse.  

Our Mission


First there were millions, then we killed the horses to "subdue the savages."
Then there were thousands and we continued killing.
Finally we cross bred the Spanish Mustang to the edge of extinction.
Now there are perhaps less than 3000 Spanish Mustangs left in the world and between only 100-300 active breeding mares.
The Windcross mission is to preserve the Spanish Mustangs we can, for the future.
We strive to be a line in the sand, an ark if you will, for what are amongst the most rare and best blood lines left in the Spanish Mustang breed.
We have one goal:
Preserve the Spanish Mustang for future generations.
We do this through the preservation herd project, research, educational opportunities and building public awareness.

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There are three kinds of horse organizations. Rescues, sanctuaries and preserves. The rescue performs the 3R’s. Rescue, Rehome & Rehabilitate. The Sanctuary provides a home for all comers. The preserve it limited to its dedicated mission. We are a preserve of the endangered Spanish Mustang. That is what we do.
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