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There are perhaps less than 1500 Spanish Mustangs left, and as few as 100-150 active breeding mares in any season.
We are walking the line to extinction.

Join the Posse and let’s chase down a future for these horses.

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How can you help?

Get involved. Support our mission to preserve the amongst the best Spanish Mustangs left.

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Meet our Spanish Mustangs

Each horse is carefully selected for their contribution to breed type, conformation as well pedigree and parentage.

September has been and gone and until May flowers are here again tours are by reservation. The winter months are a busy time as we make repairs and preparations for coming foals as well as completing building projects.

We still love to share the horses with you. Please call so we can make sure there is a guide available for your time and date.
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For the fourth consecutive year Windcross Conservancy has earned a prestigious Top Non Profit Award from This award is earned through the experiences of the public with our organization.

We are honored to have one this award again as well as humbled by your trust and faith in our organization.
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Extinction is forever. Join us for an afternoon.
Visit, stay or volunteer your time.
Sponsor a Spanish Mustang and preserve America’s Heritage Horse.
Spend a day or week at our clinic or kid horse camps.


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