About Us

People working together to make a difference

Windcross Conservancy came to be, because group of people felt that they could make a difference. That has not changed.

We urge to you to join us in our mission to save the endangered Spanish Mustang horse. Each year more Spanish Mustangs are lost to breeders quitting the business, death, horse market pressures and kill trucks. Responsible breeders are breeding less.  The list goes on. 

Windcross Conservancy was founded as an advocacy organization for the preservation of these endangered historical horses. As a genetic ark for Spanish Mustang, our mission is to preserve the best of available bloodlines for the future of the breed. We need you!

Won't you please help ensure the future of these amazing horses. Sponsor a Spanish Mustang today. Your sponsorship goes 100% to the care and feeding of your sponsored horse.  For less than the price of four lattes a month you can make a difference!

Windcross Conservancy is  a South Dakota 501c3 public charity. Established in 2008.  Tax Id # 26-1741066. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Our team

Meet the Windcross team. Individuals each bringing something to make this program work.