What can you do?

People working together can accomplish so much.

The preservation herd of Windcross Conservancy has been built from breeding stock gathered from long time Spanish Mustang breeders.  That said, we at Windcross have developed our own breeding program from this stock.  The intent is to breed the best to the best, and produce that horse that is fast becoming lost due to "fashion and fancy."

We breed foundation Spanish Mustangs for breed preservation.  Not for the sole purpose of making more, having the most or the only, but to produce the best specimens of the breed that we can from the horses that we have left.

 We breed to the limit that we can support. ​

Locally, nationally and internationally, Windcross Conservancy is a an advocate for the Spanish Mustang. We do this through the preservation herd project, research, educational opportunities and building public awareness. To preserve the best genetics of the breed we can for future generations.​

Every horse in the project herd is there by design and a purpose. They are carefully selected for their genetic contribution, confirmation and ability to contribute the Spanish Mustang breed. We hope to have all of the horses of the herd project sponsored.  

This sponsorship will permit us to continually improve their care and lifestyle. Supporting their feed and veterinary expenses throughout the year.

  • Mato Anpetui

    Mato Anpetui

    Mato was the last hurrah for our grand old lady Raffaella. A carbon copy of the lady that we sorely miss we hope he will be a herd sire someday. Sponsorship helps support his feed, vaccinations and worming. Any sponsorship is greatly appreciated. 

  • Jezebelle


    Jezebelle is our born survivor. ​She was orphaned at three months old and came to us at 6 months after surviving in a herd for three months on the Wyoming prairie. She has overcome many challenges and is such a loving and kind little mare. 

  • Thalia​


    Our last daughter of Raffaella. She is our hope to become her mothers daughter so to speak. Clever as a barrel of monkeys with attitude to match.