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Once the unwanted horse of Columbus.  The Spanish Mustang became the  horse to conquer a new world upon. The ancestors of this horse conquered a brave new world. As the horse of the mountain man, the Pony Express, the native American  and the Texas cattle trails, they helped shape and build the American west.

Today numbers are at an all time low. On the verge of a biological meltdown, it is a race against time to beat worsening economies in an effort to save these wonderful horses.

Windcross Conservancy horses are working Spanish Mustangs. Their ancestors were bred to be bull fighting, war horses and cattle horses. Today they greet visitors year round, offer themselves to kid camp sessions and training session with adult students and interns. Programs include, summer internships for horsemanship, kid camps, public outreach, tours and more. Most have become loved companions of volunteers and interns. They give much while  teaching the humans. Future programs include building on our commitment to our country’s veterans, completing the library to the horse, as well as equine assisted therapies.