Get to Know Our Team

Meet the Crew

Windcross Conservnacy

Lucia Roda


Lucia Roda has been a truly valued member of the Windcross Conservancy family since 2008. River Watts initiates, organizes, and promotes new programs for our staff, members, and volunteers.  A founding director and Spanish Mustang preservation authority.


Neil Ui Breaslain

Vice President

Born the a founding family of Spanish Mustang preservation, Neil is and beloved by both our donors and our program managers for his sense of history and wisdom.  We are very lucky to have him be a part of our program.


Leila Davis


With a keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, Leila Davis is committed to preserving the Spanish Mustang. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Secretary, and we’re so happy to have Leila as part of the Windcross Conservancy team.